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Used forklifts purchased from Preowned Forklifts Australia have proven to be an astute investment for hundreds of small and large businesses nationwide.

Sometimes the decision to buy second hand forklifts is driven by budget considerations, but more often it’s simply about getting the most appropriate equipment for the task at hand.

Read how canny managers are putting our forklifts’ durability and low operating costs to work boosting their bottom lines and achieving great outcomes for surprisingly small financial outlays.

Forklift It

If you want a forklift which just picks things up and puts them down with very little complexity involved, Baoli’s the one. The cost structure and the reliability are great.

Price is obviously a major consideration, but when you can get a Baoli unit which will do the same job as something which might cost $10,000 more from one of our competitors, there are a lot of businesses who simply can’t or won’t pay extra. They are our Baoli customers.

Warranty support is first class, because ultimately it is Linde providing the support. In areas such as driver comfort we don’t get any complaints. There is a full floating cab and a full suspension seat to deal with any shocks or vibration.

Our technicians have no issues with servicing because the Baoli is a conventional machine with easy accessibility to all major components including filters. As for replacement parts, well we’ve got them on the shelf ninety per cent of the time and Linde will air freight anything else we need overnight.

The engines used in the 1.8 and 2.5 tonne Baoli ranges are the most popular in the entire Asia Pacific area, so buyers and hirers know what they are getting.

I can tell you we have a lot of those customers return to purchase Baoli forklifts from us. As an example there is a farmer in the region who originally hired five Baoli forklifts from us each year. Since then he has purchased two and has told us he will soon purchase two more.

That is reflected in our current share of the market here. Almost one in four buyers is a Baoli buyer these days in a market where there are six alternatives for buyers.

We have customers in the transport industry who have had Baoli forklifts for five years and they are still performing well with five or six thousand hours on them. Word of mouth recommendations for Baoli forklifts are also figuring more strongly now that the brand has established a fine track record. That makes me very confident about Baoli’s future.

Grow Better Garden Products

When Chris McWade established Grow Better Garden Products in 1991 the outlay for a new forklift couldn't be justified. Today seven Linde Certified Preowned forklifts are an essential part of the company's operations.

Grow Better employs 35 staff at the Bayswater (Vic) head office/warehouse and at Ballarat and Beaudesert (Qld) plants, manufacturing and supplying pelletised organic fertilisers, soil improvers, mulches, potting media and water saving products to more than 800 retailers.

"We've retained an association with Linde over a long time and we've come to rely on preowned Linde 1.8 and 2.0 tonne gas powered forklifts in our warehouse and on three of our distribution trucks," Chris said.

"We're not a transport depot with forklifts in use 20 hours a day, but our forklifts are used regularly and they are important to our business. Three of our trucks carry forklifts with them for Victorian distribution of our products. The Linde hydrostatic drive is particularly good in that application."

As the Linde association has lengthened, Grow Better's fleet of Linde Certified Preowned forklifts has sometimes been updated at Chris McWade's request and sometimes at Linde's initiation.

"They've come to know what we like," Chris said. "So if there's a low-hour 1.8 or 2.0 tonne gas forklift about to become available, they'll make me aware of it.

"We've got a stable labour force here and the guys all love the Lindes – particularly their dual pedal set-up.

"Linde's refurbishment program is excellent and over the years we've very rarely had any problems. The few that have cropped up have been early in our ownership of the forklifts and so they've been covered under warranty and rectified very quickly.

"For day to day usage we've found the Linde Certified Preowned forklifts to be quiet, economical and comfortable for the operators.

"I can't justify buying new machines, particularly when I am able to source excellent low-hour Linde Certified Preowned forklifts at prices which are substantially discounted from the cost of a new machine.

"Over the years I've probably had about ten Linde preowned forklifts. We've had long service out of each of them and recently I've been able to replace some of the older ones with newer Linde Certified Preowned machines with less hours.

"The other good thing is that I've managed to sell the old machines for very good prices. The resale value on Linde forklifts has been excellent for us."

Rausch Australia

Success has forced upmarket outdoor furniture importer Rausch Australia to open a new Brisbane warehouse – and to move up to a Linde Certified Preowned reach truck.

"We had a conventional forklift but with racking extending up to eight metres at the new site it was time to try our first reach truck," operations manager Mark Holmes said.

Mark had previous experience with the Linde brand, but still checked out what was available elsewhere before dropping in to Linde's Brisbane branch unannounced.

"Linde were very helpful," he said. "We spent quite a lot of time there, looking at what was available in the various reach truck styles and having a tour of the workshop.

"There was plenty of choice and the Linde staff were very knowledgeable, which helped us decide on the reach truck we wanted – an R14.

"Once we had decided on the R14 they organised a demonstration at our warehouse and left a reach truck for a couple of days so that we could evaluate it.

"When the machine we ordered was available it was delivered in fantastic condition and after several months we're delighted with it. We couldn't have asked for a cleaner, better maintained machine.

"It fits our needs beautifully and its manoeuvrability means we can have narrow aisles as well as racking up to eight metres."

Mark's previous career in another role gave him seven years' experience with Linde support.

"I remember that whenever a service call was needed the Linde engineers were out like a shot and rectified things very quickly," he said.

"With this preowned reach truck we just haven't had the need for a service call. I'd never used a reach truck before and an electric vehicle was also new to us, but we've had no problems.

The new Rausch Australia warehouse at Geebung isn't permanently manned, but when shipping containers arrive, the R14 needs to be ready to go to work.

"We charged it a month ago, have used it since then and there's still half a charge in it," Mark said. "That makes for one very economical truck to operate and one we can rely on."

Refobar Australia

Refobar Australia is a highly regarded manufacturer and supplier of quality specialist products for the post-tensioning, construction and mining industries throughout the world.

At the company's Narangba plant north of Brisbane, General Manager Russell Wheeler became concerned that a more capable forklift was needed to replace an aging Caterpillar truck to make the most of recent productivity improvements there.

His investigations covered new and preowned forklifts.

"I wouldn't even consider a secondhand conventional machine, but based on the experience we have had in other parts of the business with Linde equipment I was quite prepared to look at a Linde Certified Preowned forklift," Russell said.

"I've looked at those Linde machines in our business at four and five years old and they are still running beautifully.

"We were looking for the best forklift option for ergonomics and occupational health and safety to load and unload containers, move steel coils, pallets and loads up to six metres wide.

"When I approached Linde they were very pro-active in sourcing exactly the forklift I required. They brought out a preowned H35T with an hydraulic fork positioner, demonstrated it and left the machine with us for a couple of days.

"It was obvious immediately that this was suitable for what we wanted to achieve and I was confident that when the truck had been through Linde's refurbishment process it would be ideal."

After several months service at Refobar's Narangba plant the Linde Certified Preowned H35T has lived up to its initial promise.

"When we significantly increased our productivity in the plant the old forklift we had in the role just wasn't keeping up with the increased workload," Russell said.

"Now our operator is much happier and he likes the machine because he can get through the work without having to hop on and off all the time. Everything can be done from the cockpit."

"Operating costs have decreased, it's a quiet forklift with all the functions we need and now we can take full advantage of the productivity improvements throughout the plant."

Southern Steel

Southern Steel is the largest privately owned steel distributor in Australia and with over 50 years' experience in the industry, it has earned an enviable reputation for reliability, flexibility and excellent service. That's what it looks for from its forklifts.

The company has previously purchased new Linde forklifts for its Southern Sheet & Coil business and the experience gained with those machines gave it the confidence to add to its fleet with Linde Certified Preowned Forklifts.

Southern Steel's technical manager, Ching Han said a combination of budget restrictions and a close look at the roles we needed to fill with additional forklifts saw the company consider preowned equipment.

"We considered other brands, but we were really happy with Linde based on our own experience. Every forklift has to suit its role and of course you've to be confident that it will be reliable over the long run.

"Beyond that you also need to be assured that reliable preowned equipment service and maintenance are going to be available. We were very confident of that from our previous experience with Linde.

Ching Han was also impressed with the choice of used forklifts available through the Linde Certified Preowned program.

"Sometimes you might feel you've got to accept what's available, but Linde seem to have the ability to supply what you need," he said.

"For our Port Kembla branch we needed a three tonne gas forklift fitted with a container mast due to our new building height restriction. A tight turning circle was also essential for maximum use of storage space. A Linde forklift was the best answer for these requirements.

"When this preowned fork arrived it looked brand new. The operators and branch manager thought it was a brand new forklift.

"There was also a requirement for a three tonne capacity Linde Certified Preowned forklift for our Sheet and Coil business at 1 Steel Street, Bankstown and a five tonne capacity forklift for our newly acquired Sheet and Coil business (known as Australian Metal Processing,) out at Warragamba. These Linde Certified Preowned forklifts were delivered with a bonus weight gauge.

Southern Steel's Sheet and Coil business is quite unique because its forklifts are required to lift steel coils as well as pallets. Fine control and tilt of mast and tines is essential, especially when loading trucks, but this was not an issue for the Linde Certified Preowned Forklifts provided.

Ching Han and Southern Steel were also reassured by the warranty offered through the Linde Certified Preowned program.

"Linde are very confident in their own machines and where many preowned machines might be covered by a six month warranty, Linde were confident enough in these machines to provide a 12 month warranty," he said.

"We were confident from our Linde experience that if we bought their preowned equipment it would be a good investment, whether it was covered by a six or 12 month warranty, but that level of warranty backing really stands out.

WoodTech Group

National company the WoodTech Group spends little time using forklifts, but when it does the equipment has to perform.

WoodTech is Australia’s leading supplier of machinery for the woodworking, cabinetry and stone industries and represents quality production machinery from respected leading machine manufacturing companies throughout the world.

With branches in four states the growth of the Sydney market late last year forced a move to new, larger premises in Wetherill Park.

“With the business growth and the move to new Sydney premises we realised that our operations would need a larger forklift than we had previously used,” WoodTech director, Scott Hickey said.

“In general terms we needed a five tonne lifting capacity forklift fitted with long tines. Typically we might only use the forklift for one to two hours per week at a maximum. I wanted something reliable and presentable, but I wasn’t going to outlay up to $80,000 on a new forklift for that role. “

Woodtech checked out several potential sources for its used forklift needs before settling on a Linde Pre-owned truck.

“Linde’s range was very good and they had a compact five tonner available which not everyone can provide,” Scott said.

“We had never dealt with Linde before, but there are a lot of companies in the woodworking industry and related fields which deal with Linde and the reports were all good.

“Linde made the whole process very easy. I knew that we were going to receive a used forklift which had undergone a complete factory refurbishment, but I hadn’t realised that also included a new paint job. It was delivered to us looking like a brand new forklift.

“That was a bonus because presentation is important in what is really our showroom.

“I’ve been impressed by all my dealings with Linde leading up to the purchase and afterwards as well.

“Because the maintenance intervals are longer with Linde forklifts I anticipate we’ll pay less on maintenance over the working life of the forklift than we would with other brands.”

BGW Group

BGW purchased its first Linde used forklift just over three years ago and has now equipped more than half of its 100-branch national network with similar trucks.

CNW Electrical Wholesale & Energy Solutions and Samios Plumbing Supplies are part of the BGW Group of electrical and plumbing wholesale businesses which cover the entire Australian market. Business is brisk for the company’s branches and forklifts are essential for day to day operations, but their level of usage doesn’t justify investment in new equipment, so Linde’s premium quality second hand forklifts provide a budget-friendly alternative.

Through the Linde Certified Pre-owned Program BGW receives all the benefits of new forklifts, including class leading productivity, incredible cost efficiency and low emission IC engines.

“We’ve been dealing with Linde for nearly three years for our used forklift requirements,” Group Asset Manager, Damian Purcell said.

“Our branches are essentially a warehousing operation and some are obviously busier than others, so individual forklifts might not get used every hour of every day, but when they are needed they have to be reliable.

“Before we began dealing with Linde we had purchased a wide range of used forklifts, but the consistency in the quality of the product just wasn’t there.

“Now when we require a used forklift Linde provide us with one which has just come out of its lease, which has been fully maintained by Linde and has low hours.

“Linde’s guys aren’t just order takers. They go out and inspect our buildings and to get a good understanding of what our requirements are.

“It is important that we have someone in the forklift industry who really understands our needs, not just to buy used forklifts, but also to have them supported them with after sales service.

When I am providing a forklift for a new branch I get one opportunity to get it right for that site so it is important to me I supply a unit that presents new and is in peak condition as a 10 year solution.

Since dealing with Linde we have been able to build a very good relationship whilst providing a quality solution for our branch network.

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